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Joseph Construction saves more than $500,000 on MC Projects

From Staff Reports I Posted: Friday, December 11, 2015 12:00 am

Anderson Hall Building at Maryville College
Anderson Hall, which provides the largest academic space on the campus at 25,500 square feet, reopened Jan. 28 and was rededicated May 14.

During the past three years, Joseph Construction has completed two large construction projects at Maryville College and saved a total of $553,000 by partnering closely with college officials.

"Anderson (Hall) and Pearsons (Hall) are both historic buildings critical to our campus operation and aesthetic," said Jeff Ingle, Maryville College's vice president for finance and administration, in a press release. "Yet, even with those considerations, we are mindful of our budget and grateful to Joseph Construction for identifying money-saving opportunities."

Anderson, which provides the largest academic space on the campus at 25,500 square feet, reopened Jan. 28,

2015 and was rededicated May 14. Nearly $19,000 was saved on the interior reconstruction of the structure, which was built in 1870.

Pearsons, which was built in 1910, serves as a dining hall and student housing. Its renovation was completed in two phases. Phase one updated the dining hall and was completed in 13 weeks, opening in August 2014.

After seven months of construction, phase two was completed just before this fall semester. The project included clearing the second and third floors down to the studs and installing interior drywall, flooring, fixtures, ceilings and doors. New bathrooms and laundry facilities were installed, along with a common kitchen and gathering area.

Joseph identified a contract revenue savings between $75,000 and $100,000 for Pearsons. The construction company saved an additional $434,000 credit in non-invoiced change orders.

"The college received more than what they agreed to in the initial contract," said Barry Brooke, executive vice president of commercial development for property development and management firm Lawler-Wood. Brooke has managed the college's construction contracts and projects.

With both buildings in operation, Maryville College is eyeing other capital improvements projects, including the Career Center suite located in historic Bartlett Hall. The Career Center renovation is in beginning stages.

"We pride ourselves on being good stewards of our clients' construction funds," said Blair Kline, marketing coordinator and project manager for Joseph Construction. "We're proud of the outcome of the projects at Maryville College on campus and on the bottom line. We look forward to continuing our work and budget monitoring for the institution."

Joseph Construction saves more than $500,000 on MC projects

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