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JTEKT Automotive



JOSEPH has been working with JTEKT for over 20 years. The first phase was 150,000 SF, which has been expanded to 390,000 SF in the main plant, and 100,000 SF of die cast plant.


The structure is a Butler Landmark pre-engineered metal building with an offset center ridge, a step down roof for the office area, and the interior gutter hidden by a synthetic stucco fascia system over the office


“We know from personal experience that JOSEPH’s employees are easy to work with, take great pride in their work, and follow through on every detail. With this kind of attitude, success is bound to follow JOSEPH”

Max Biery | President | JTEKT Automotive Tennessee


Project included a color floor hardener, 24 foot- tall eave, interior completely air conditioned, and two 600-ton chiller air conditioner systems. As in most hi-tech manufacturing plants, this includes loops for air, water, and gas systems.

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