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Joseph Construction || Who We Are

JOSEPH Construction’s primary goal is to provide our client with quality facilities and quality service. This means we take responsibility of the client’s

construction project from site evaluation and design development to landscaping, or any point in between. JOSEPH has built a reputation by using consistent, quality construction techniques and innovative solutions.

The JOSEPH Construction Team enjoys a reputation for integrity and competence. That’s why a large percentage of our work comes from repeat clients. Our reputation is our future — we know our clients will find it to be of the highest caliber.

Since 1972 JOSEPH Construction has maintained a tradition of excellence, based upon projects that were on-time, on-budget, built with sound craftsmanship and a commitment to meeting the needs of our clients. JOSEPH Construction Company is one of three firms in Tennessee to be a Charter Recipient of the “Accredited Quality Contractor Award” from the national Associated Builders and Contractors Association.

Every commercial, retail, or industrial company knows that lost time means lost money. JOSEPH Construction fully understands this concept. That’s why we utilize the “Fast Track Method” of operation. This means the client can save up to 35 percent of the total project time by eliminating the bid process. We can negotiate our client’s projects with material suppliers and subcontractors to establish the total project costs during the preliminary design process. This saves the client from the arduous task of preparing a complete bid package and then gathering

bids. It also prevents wasted time in possible redesigns and rebids if the initial bids are too high.

JOSEPH Construction fosters a team approach between the owner, designer and constructor. These forces working together provide many benefits to the client, namely improved quality, more rapid conclusion, and better cost control. With Design/ Build, JOSEPH can control design budgets and production costs and offer practical, cost effective alternatives. It means taking the creative ideas and goals derived from the client, the architect, and the construction team and devising a plan of action that efficiently meets the budget. The client gains a quality product built by a team, not a headache from commissioning different parties for different jobs.

Successful projects combine a variety of requirements including design, finances, constructability, aesthetics, and deadlines. This melding requires a balance of technical and intuitive skills combined with experience and commitment. JOSEPH Construction is the Single Source that successfully integrates all aspects of these requirements and provides innovative solutions and economical ideas.

With Partnering and Design/Build approaches, our clients enjoy a Single Source for all preconstruction consulting, conceptual design evaluation, construction cost analysis, and specialized constructability evaluation. We take full advantage of computers for construction management, which teams project management, estimating, and cost control on a fully networked computer system.

Teamwork allows JOSEPH Construction to accommodate changes during a project. Our staff has handled a broad range of project types, equipping us with the flexibility and expertise it takes to address client modifications and provide solutions to unforeseen situations. In addition, we have relationships with more than 400 knowledgeable subcontractors and material suppliers. That’s a lot of resources that give us the flexibility to turn unique problems into opportunities.

JOSEPH’s in-house construction cost estimating staff works with the design team and owner to

furnish item-by-item construction estimates and to explore opportunities for Value Engineering. Value Engineering ensures an early and continued alignment of construction costs within the client’s budget. Estimates are developed at the conceptual, schematic, and design development phases of design with a final budget confirmed before construction documents are completed.

Quality craftsmanship, cost-efficiency, professionalism, timeliness, and service. These constitute the foundation of JOSEPH Construction Company’s business philosophy. Committed to providing quality structures for our clients, we’ve built a solid reputation with our goal-oriented team approach to construction. We raise the bar in our industry by setting new standards for pre-construction and construction services. JOSEPH Construction is the Single Source for all types of industrial and commercial building.

Dependability, flexibility, integrity, and communication further solidify JOSEPH Construction’s operations. With quality control commanding each project, our clients are assured that our creative solutions will be communicated at every stage of construction. We meet and exceed expectations—every time, on time. Our repeat customers and industry awards recognize our commitment to excellence.

Experience and knowledge round out our expertise and enable us to analyze client needs and provide a solution that is cost effective, be it by traditional construction methods or engineered Butler Building Systems. The results are quality projects, creative and fast track designs, and functional environments.

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